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09/03/14 – #southernfriedtour2014: nola, part 2

Posted on September 3, 2014

We started off the next day roaming around the French Quarter, New Orleans’ oldest and most popular neighborhood. It’s known for its colonial architecture, the noisy and bar-filled Bourbon Street, eccentric Voodoo shops, possibly haunted houses, and french-creole restaurants. We spent a full two days going around the Quarter, simply because there was so much to see.

new orleans french quarter

new orleans french quarterThe iconic architecture of the French Quarter is ironically of Spanish colonial influence.

new orleans french quarter

new orleans french quarter

new orleans french quarterLunch at the French Market.

gator new orleans

po boy new orleansAmazing fried catfish po’ boy from Mother Nature’s Cupboard. It came with a side of “tater bites” aka fried mashed potatoes.

new orleans french quarter

new orleans cafe du mondeWorld famous beignets from Cafe du Monde. Three fresh-outta-the-fryer beignets piled on with powdered sugar, and an iced coffee on the side, set me back only $6. This place may be super touristy, but their chicory coffee and sugary fried doughy clouds are soooo worth it.

new orleans cafe du monde

new orleans jackson squareJackson Square.

new orleans st louis cathedralThe St. Louis Cathedral.

new orleans french quarter

new orleans french quarter

new orleans coop's placeInsanely delicious fried chicken and mixed seafood jambalaya from Coop’s Place.

new orleans bourbon streetBourbon Street. Mind you, this was a Monday night. When we walked down here on a Saturday, it was completely packed, almost impassible, with drunk tourists. Best to be avoided on weekends.

new orleans bourbon street

new orleans bourbon streetNot exactly a kid-friendly place but ok then.

new orleans jazz frenchmen streetSome of the best jazz I’ve ever heard, coming from street performers on Frenchmen Street.

new orleans jazz frenchmen streetThey had a full 8 piece band and that drew quite a crowd.

new orleans jazz the spotted catMy favorite part about New Orleans (and the South in general) is the ability to walk into any bar and find amazing live music. We listened to the Jazz Vipers at the Spotted Cat on Frenchmen Street. All the bars/clubs on Frenchmen Street are much more lively and entertaining than the crazy mess over on Bourbon, in my opinion.

new orleans jazz the spotted cat

new orleans jazz the spotted cat

new orleans the joint bbqThe next day started off with some brisket from the Joint.

new orleans the joint bbq“Ask me about net neutrality”– I liked this place already.

new orleans the joint bbq

new orleans the joint bbqThe brisket was extremely tender, you can see it falling apart right there. The real star, however, was their jalapeno corn bread and their mac n cheese (unfortunately not pictured).

07/29/14 – #southernfriedtour2014: birmingham

Posted on July 29, 2014

DF9A8211-2Our first stop, Birmingham! We only spent one night in Birmingham but we made use of every minute of it.

birmingham-1Our first meal in Alabama was at Little Donkey, this wonderful authentic Mexican place in the neighborhood of Homewood.


DF9A8194-2Fried catfish and braised brisket tacos, with elote corn on the side. Oh yeah that’s good.

DF9A8196-2Our awesome waiter Ryan who we talked to for a couple hours about Birmingham and all his worldly travels. He also suggested a great lookout point to see Birmingham at night.


birmingham-2The next morning, after coffee and conversation with our awesome airbnb host, we checked out the Vulcan, the most “iconic” structure in Birmingham. It’s the largest cast iron statue in the world, and you’re able to grab some great views of Birmingham from the observation deck.


DF9A8237-2It was windy at the top.






DF9A8257-2Our lunch spot, Saw’s BBQ, which came highly recommended. This place is a no frills spot, and it’s all about the food.

DF9A8261-2This is their “pork & greens” platter: pulled pork, collard greens, cheesy grits, topped with fried onions.


DF9A8269-2Henah’s meal: Fried okra sandwich with a huge portion of sweet potato fries.

DF9A8271-2My meal: a classic pulled pork sandwich with a big helping of fried pickles. Oh my BBQ this sandwich was juicy and the pickles crispy and not overly battered. No extra sauce or fancy toppings needed, the meat was cooked perfectly. After the best meal in Birmingham, we hit the road on our way to New Orleans!

05/04/14 – amy in nyc

Posted on May 4, 2014

DF9A1867-2Amy came to NYC for a spontaneous weekend aka quick food tour of the city

DF9A1835-2belgian fries from Pomme Frites in the East Village

DF9A1838-2coffee/tiramisu pudding from Sugar Sweet Sunshine

mosaichousemosaic house on Wyckoff Street in Cobble Hill

DF9A1886-2brioche french toast from Cafe Luluc in Cobble Hill

DF9A1888-2eggs benedict from Cafe Luluc

DF9A1903-2Sheep Meadow in Central Park

DF9A1926-2best chocolate chip cookies in the world from Levain Bakery on the UWS