This is the last post from mine and Henah’s southern road trip. We decided to make the drive from Nashville to New Jersey in one day, a total of 14 hours. We planned a few stops along the way, because 14 hours of straight driving is enough to make anyone insane.

abe lincoln birthplace kentuckyOur first stop off was Hodgenville, Kentucky, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. The thing about Kentucky is that it’s really quite beautiful, but it’s literally just farm after farm after farm.

abe lincoln birthplace kentucky

abe lincoln birthplace kentucky

abe lincoln birthplace kentucky

abe lincoln birthplaceThe log cabin that Abe Lincoln was *born* in, a tiny one room structure. It was preserved in this beautiful marble structure. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enter the cabin or touch it.

abe lincoln birthplaceI wonder why they changed the sign from “Please refrain from touching the cabin” to “Please do not touch the cabin.” I guess a sterner warning was necessary.

loretto kentuckyOur second stop was in the tiny town of Loretto, Kentucky…

maker's mark tour kentucky…the amazing and wonderful Maker’s Mark Distillery aka the adult Willy Wonka Factory.

maker's mark distillery

maker's mark distilleryThe whiskey is aged in these charred oak barrels.

maker's mark distillery

maker's mark distilleryThe bottles are all hand-dipped in wax.

maker's mark distilleryThe best part: a tasting of four different types of Maker’s Mark.

maker's mark distilleryGlass ceiling by Dale Chihuly.

lexington kentuckyOur third stop: Lexington, Kentucky for lunch.

hot brown lexington kentuckyAnd that lunch was an incredible Kentucky staple: the “hot brown.” It’s an open faced sandwich, with turkey and ham, covered in some sort of gravy sauce, smothered with cheese, baked in the oven, and topped with a fried green tomato. It’s only fitting that this was my last meal in the South.

west virginia sunsetAnd a beautiful West Virginia sunset to end one of the greatest road trips.