Looking back, it’s hard to believe that just a little over a week ago, my best friend Henah and I kicked off our road trip through the southern United States. It was both our first times down in the South. On our trip, we went through 10 states, stopping in 7 cities, and savoring the best flavors from each, because if we’re being honest, this was just a food tour for us.

DF9A8083-2A gorgeous Pennsylvania sunset to kick off our trip.



DF9A8144-2Spent a few short hours to sleep at this airbnb in Harrisonburg, Virginia before heading back out on the road!

DF9A8146-2Our hosts recommended Mister J’s bagels for breakfast. Being from New Jersey and living in New York, I’ll admit I have become a bit of a bagel snob, but our hosts assured us this place was legit and that it was owned by New Yorkers.

DF9A8147-2Our hosts were right– this place did not disappoint! This everything egg bagel with scallion cream cheese was on point.

DF9A8153-2Virginia is a giant state that you don’t really realize how giant it is until you are driving through it.

DF9A8159-2We stopped for lunch in Knoxville, Tennessee.


DF9A8164-2We looked for places that were the highest and most rated on yelp, and there we found Tupelo Honey Cafe. Oh boy, this place was amazing.

DF9A8169-2FREE BISCUITS TO START. With blueberry preserves that might as well have been pie filling.


DF9A8178-2O_O –my face when this meal came out. I ordered the “veggie melt” thinking I would be “healthy” for lunch… nope. This behemoth of a sandwich was a piece of fried sourdough, with sauteed peppers, spinach, and mushrooms, topped with havarti cheese, and a nice scoop of mac n cheese on the side. To say I food coma’d afterwards would be an understatement.

DF9A8179-2Henah is overwhelmed by her country sides plate, which consisted of goat cheese grits, grilled tofu, fried okra, and sweet potato fries. Did I mention that Henah is a vegetarian? She managed to also have some of the best meals of her life down here, proving that the south is waaay more than just meat dishes!


DF9A8181-2Every seat in this restaurant was a window seat.

DF9A8183-2Some bell in the middle of the square in Knoxville we passed on our way out. And with our stomachs uncomfortably full, we were off to Birmingham!