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07/29/14 – #southernfriedtour2014: birmingham

Posted on July 29, 2014

DF9A8211-2Our first stop, Birmingham! We only spent one night in Birmingham but we made use of every minute of it.

birmingham-1Our first meal in Alabama was at Little Donkey, this wonderful authentic Mexican place in the neighborhood of Homewood.


DF9A8194-2Fried catfish and braised brisket tacos, with elote corn on the side. Oh yeah that’s good.

DF9A8196-2Our awesome waiter Ryan who we talked to for a couple hours about Birmingham and all his worldly travels. He also suggested a great lookout point to see Birmingham at night.


birmingham-2The next morning, after coffee and conversation with our awesome airbnb host, we checked out the Vulcan, the most “iconic” structure in Birmingham. It’s the largest cast iron statue in the world, and you’re able to grab some great views of Birmingham from the observation deck.


DF9A8237-2It was windy at the top.






DF9A8257-2Our lunch spot, Saw’s BBQ, which came highly recommended. This place is a no frills spot, and it’s all about the food.

DF9A8261-2This is their “pork & greens” platter: pulled pork, collard greens, cheesy grits, topped with fried onions.


DF9A8269-2Henah’s meal: Fried okra sandwich with a huge portion of sweet potato fries.

DF9A8271-2My meal: a classic pulled pork sandwich with a big helping of fried pickles. Oh my BBQ this sandwich was juicy and the pickles crispy and not overly battered. No extra sauce or fancy toppings needed, the meat was cooked perfectly. After the best meal in Birmingham, we hit the road on our way to New Orleans!

07/28/14 – #southernfriedtour2014: nj to birmingham

Posted on July 28, 2014

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that just a little over a week ago, my best friend Henah and I kicked off our road trip through the southern United States. It was both our first times down in the South. On our trip, we went through 10 states, stopping in 7 cities, and savoring the best flavors from each, because if we’re being honest, this was just a food tour for us.

DF9A8083-2A gorgeous Pennsylvania sunset to kick off our trip.



DF9A8144-2Spent a few short hours to sleep at this airbnb in Harrisonburg, Virginia before heading back out on the road!

DF9A8146-2Our hosts recommended Mister J’s bagels for breakfast. Being from New Jersey and living in New York, I’ll admit I have become a bit of a bagel snob, but our hosts assured us this place was legit and that it was owned by New Yorkers.

DF9A8147-2Our hosts were right– this place did not disappoint! This everything egg bagel with scallion cream cheese was on point.

DF9A8153-2Virginia is a giant state that you don’t really realize how giant it is until you are driving through it.

DF9A8159-2We stopped for lunch in Knoxville, Tennessee.


DF9A8164-2We looked for places that were the highest and most rated on yelp, and there we found Tupelo Honey Cafe. Oh boy, this place was amazing.

DF9A8169-2FREE BISCUITS TO START. With blueberry preserves that might as well have been pie filling.


DF9A8178-2O_O –my face when this meal came out. I ordered the “veggie melt” thinking I would be “healthy” for lunch… nope. This behemoth of a sandwich was a piece of fried sourdough, with sauteed peppers, spinach, and mushrooms, topped with havarti cheese, and a nice scoop of mac n cheese on the side. To say I food coma’d afterwards would be an understatement.

DF9A8179-2Henah is overwhelmed by her country sides plate, which consisted of goat cheese grits, grilled tofu, fried okra, and sweet potato fries. Did I mention that Henah is a vegetarian? She managed to also have some of the best meals of her life down here, proving that the south is waaay more than just meat dishes!


DF9A8181-2Every seat in this restaurant was a window seat.

DF9A8183-2Some bell in the middle of the square in Knoxville we passed on our way out. And with our stomachs uncomfortably full, we were off to Birmingham!

07/15/14 – trieste, italy: part 3

Posted on July 15, 2014

The final installment on my trip to Trieste, featuring my favorite part of discovering a new city: the food. We wandered around the city center, looking for a place to eat dinner. We discovered Pizzeria D’Napoli, and had possibly one of the best dinners in my entire life.

DF9A8060-2Wandering past central canal looking for a place to eat dinner.





DF9A8072-2Any time is a good time for gelato.

DF9A7732-2Pizzeria D’Napoli, the most delicious spot in Trieste.

triesteday2-4This appetizer was LIFE CHANGING. Never in my life have I had buffalo mozzarella so fresh and creamy, with homemade zeppoles so light and flully.

DF9A8070-2Gnocchi that were basically decadent potato-y pillows.

DF9A8069-2Fresh seafood pasta with prawns and clams, right from the Adriatic Sea.

DF9A8082-2Homemade zeppoles, covered with sugar and Nutella, which we received compliments of the owner Peppe when we came back the next night for another dinner at this amazing spot.

07/14/14 – trieste, italy: part 2

Posted on July 14, 2014

On our second day in Trieste, Italy we decided to venture to the Castello di Miramare. The “castle” was built by Ferdinand Maximilian of Hapsburg, the emperor of Mexico, as his home in Italy. However, before the extremely lavish home was finished being built, Maximilian was called to Mexico to rule country, without ever sleeping one night in his new home.

DF9A7778-2The castle is located about 5 miles outside of the city center, which provided a nice (long) scenic walk for us along the Adriatic Sea.


triesteday2-1One of the many members only “beach” clubs we passed– basically just portioned off patios with steps right into the sea.



DF9A7783-2The clearest of clear blue water.


DF9A7790-2Yeah I can’t get enough of the paninis here.

DF9A7791-2Cafe crema, aka coffee ice cream.

DF9A7800-2Lungomare – the long 5km stretch of beach-boardwalk where the locals lay out towels and just relax.





DF9A7820-2The hike up to the Castello had amazing views.

DF9A7825-2The grand Castello di Miramare.



DF9A7842-2So many staircases right into the harbor/sea.



DF9A7865-2Yeah my friends are stunning.

DF9A7873-2The VIEWS!








DF9A7997-2A bit terrified trying to take a picture “casually” sitting on a ledge.




DF9A8033-2Lovely Trieste.